The Messiah is a Weapon See-El Flores


Published: March 12th 2015

Kindle Edition

221 pages


The Messiah is a Weapon  by  See-El Flores

The Messiah is a Weapon by See-El Flores
March 12th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 221 pages | ISBN: | 6.46 Mb

Iran, or at least the Iranian President, had aspirations of again building a Persian Empire. Those plans included the destruction of Israel and the control or annexation of every country in southwest Asia. An atomic bomb would virtually assure Iran they could meet that objective. As soon as Iran had an atomic bomb, every country in the Middle East would be subject to their wishes.Once again, Israel faced the possibly of annihilation.

And like in the past, it stood alone against an unpredictable adversary. While the United Nations and the superpowers of the world ignored the Iranian threat, Iran continued to build its nuclear capabilities. While continuing to insist that their nuclear program was peaceful, Iran now had more than three-hundred nuclear related facilities spread across the country.

Some, like the light-water reactor in Bushehr were in plain sight and clearly served a peaceful purpose. Others, such as the uranium enrichment plants, the heavy water plant, and the heavy water reactor, hidden in the mountains or deep beneath the desert, could only serve one purpose- to develop nuclear weapons. Iran was making plans to conquer and, perhaps, no one could stop them.

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